The New Zealand screen industry contributes an estimated $3.28 billion to the New Zealand economy each year, and provides over 21,000 full time equivalent jobs.

It is a diverse community that includes everyone from actors and directors to set-builders and caterers; from writers and cinema operators to graphic designers, animators and truck drivers.

Our screen industry creates content that tells our local stories and brings us stories from overseas that entertain us, educate us and bind us together.

The New Zealand Screen Association works with local screen industry associations and organisations to support the careers of emerging and established filmmakers, and promotes an environment that allows the local screen industry to flourish and grow.

We work in partnership with the Asia Pacific Screen Academy, Tropfest, the New Zealand Film Commission, and local film development organisations, on a wide range of initiatives supporting film events, running film workshops, and engaging with all aspects of the screen industry.

Our partnership with Tropfest is founded on the proposition that Tropfest kick-starts careers in the screen industry, while the New Zealand Screen Association supports life-long careers in the screen industry. We provide the winner of Tropfest with a round-trip to Los Angeles and a week-long film immersion course that provides a thorough introduction to the film and television industry in Hollywood.

It’s an exciting time for the screen industry which continues to embrace technology and pioneer ways to make it easier for audiences to seamlessly enjoy content anywhere and everywhere.